Ngoma: Study tours commended for Umurenge Sacco development

Study tours commended for Umurenge Sacco developmentUmurenge Sacco workers in Karangazi sector and workers at Umurenge Sacco-Kazo in Ngoma district have confessed that study tours have enabled them achieve fast development through learning from their counterparts.

Umurenge SACCO Kazo built a house for its operations which has all the required materials and cost Rwf27 million.

According to the Sacco workers in Kazo, Sacco workers from Karangazi come to learn from them ever since they made a study tour to one of the Sacco’s in Southern Province.

Aimable Nkurunziza, President of the administrative committee in Sacco-Kazo reveals that the study tour by Sacco-Karangazi sector enabled them share a lot of experience and working structure of both institutions.

“Though we have a made a great step in development, there is a lot they have achieved that we haven’t got yet. These include mobile automatic bank machines that ease customer care service,” he explains.

On the side of Karangazi Sacco workers, asserts that they fetched a lot of knowledge from Umurenge Sacco Kazo staff that will help them to improve their services.

Geofrey Murenzi, who led the delegation of 14 people that came for a study tour said that one important thing they learnt is how Sacco-Kazo works hand in hand with the local government daily.

He narrates: “Their achievements including the new building manifest their cooperation with the government and customers because of good customer care.”

Umurenge SACCO -Karangazi is building its own building and the tour was meant to help them acquire secrets and advise from Sacco-Kazo staff who completed the building in three months.


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