Four arrested for credit cards forgery

Four arrested for credit cards forgery

A rear case in Rwanda: police has arrested credit forgers

The Police have completed and forwarded to prosecution a file of four men suspected to be behind various financial related crimes, especially registered in the City of Kigali.

The suspects are two Rwandans and two Cameroonians. They were arrested separately recently following investigations carried out by Rwanda National Police.

They were identified as Frank Safari, Daniel Mugisha, Tata Bodwin and Francis Wabo.

The four men allegedly forged credit cards of different people, which they used to buy goods in supermarkets and to withdraw money in different banks.

It is suspected that Safari, who has been a cashier of Mr. Price shop, connived with the trio and gave them PIN numbers of customers’ credit cards which they forged.

The suspects also used the same forged credit cards to access various services in hotels and Air travel agencies.

Wabo and Bodwin were arrested at Kanombe International Airport as they tried to board a plane to Singapore, after withdrawing money in a certain bank, with a forged credit card.

Chief Inspector of Police, Ismail Baguma, the director of Interpol in Rwanda National Police urged the public to be vigilant and safeguard their banking tools. He also appealed to owners of businesses to employ trusted people.

“Such crimes are still few in the country, but we need deal with them jointly at an early stage,” he said.

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