Gakenke: Men urged to help women in acquiring loans

Gakenke: Men urged to help women in acquiring loans

Women during the celebrations of the international women’s day

After many complaints from women about their husbands not supporting them when they want to acquire loans from banks, men were advised to help their wives so that they can get such and be able to develop.

This was a call from the coordinator of the National women’s council in Gakenke district Immaculee Mukagacinya, who said that many men do not take this as a very important issue, hence called them on to give a hand to their women.

She said this while celebrating the International women’s day on the 08/03/2013, were she advised men across the country to give their women the necessary items that can help them get loans from banks and therefore be able to work and develop.

She added on saying that since family property is for both parties, she did not see any reason as to why men should not give their women part of it to help them get money and be able to work.

The Gakenke vice mayor in charge of finance and economic development Odette Uwitonze also called on women in the district to get together in cooperatives which will help them develop.

“About 29% of women are the only ones formed under cooperative and therefore I think more women should join cooperative to be able to acquire loans and therefore work and develop”, said Uwitonze.

She then asked the women to open up accounts with Sacco which can easily give them loans that can help them develop.

The number of women working with financial institutions is still very low compared with the men who are at a 50%, and therefore this is why women were called upon to join such institutions.

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