Gakenke: Nemba SACCO plays big role in local people development

Residents of Nemba sector in Gakenke District have commended some activities among which is working with sectors saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO)  as a sure way of developing any local person by saving little amount of money.

One of many other beneficiaries Francoise Uwurukundo a resident of Nemba sector in Gakenke District testifies, “Working in this SACCO helped me save much. I used to keep money in my pockets and near my reach and I could use for anything that came up but now I will be using it for more important ventures that will develop me.”

Uwurukundo has been a member of Nemba sector’s SACCO for only 8 months and for these months, she is been able to save the money she used to use in more unimportant things that is now going to take her towards development route.

Gakenke: Nemba SACCO plays big role in local people development

Francoise Uwurukundo on the importance of SACCO

Apart from saving money to use per plan, SACCO and financial institutions members have a prerogative to get credits. Uwurukundo intends to get credit to add up to her savings and start trading crop produce.

The district officials are always calling upon local residents especially women to join financial institutions especially their local SACCO and be able to get financial services that would develop them in poverty eradication program.

Uwurukundo appreciates the quick services provided by SACCO-Nemba which still operates in a rented house but constructing its own operating building which it will work in the very near period.

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