KCB injects funds in language teachers

KCB injects funds in languageThe management of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) in Rwanda has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kigali Institute of Education (KIE), to offer scholarship to 22 selected language teachers who will undertake an advanced English course for three consecutive years.

Starting April 2013, the trainings will commence, whereby the meritorious trainees who are active teachers will pursue the KIE diploma in education through its distance training programme.

The program promotes teaching of English in accordance with government policy on focused investment in skills development for a global world.

KCB country director, Maurice Toroitich said that the initiative is in line with the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) covering five thematic areas including, education, health, humanitarian, entrepreneurship and environment.

For this particular education, support, KCB has donated Rwf 5million for the entire training process which will last for three years. The activities are sponsored through KCB foundation. Last year’s budget (2012) towards CSR programs amounted to  Rwf 53 million.

KIE Rector Prof, George Njoronge, commended the support adding that the initiative compliments economic growth through knowledge based input. “The teachers will be taught through distance learning in our 10 centers nationwide, trainings will mostly be conducted during holidays,” he further added.

“This is the most affordable training process which favors a wider group of trainees. We’re doing our best to facilitate the teachings. Recently we bought 300 computers to be used in our training centers, and we’re yet to do more.”

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