Kigali Bank introduces MoneyGram services

Kigali Bank introduces MoneyGram servicesThe Bank of Kigali (BK) has introduced the use of MoneyGram wire transfers which will ease ways Rwandans send and receive funds at low charges. MoneyGram Money transfers are fast and easy when sending money to friends and family using your credit card or bank account.

The new mode of transfer was launched in Kigali, on February 26, 2013, by the BK operations manager, Lawson Naibo, who said that the new system of money transfer will be part of the implementation of the set government plan to increase access to finance locally and internationally.

He said that “this will not only facilitate the easy access to fund, but also allow foreign investors to transfer funds in the country, and in the long run promote foreign investment and development” adding that this program will also promote activities of MoneyGram in Rwanda.

The representative of MoneyGram, Xavier Pageaud said the MoneyGram system of operation is fast, efficient and also reliable and this will benefit the Rwandan community in various ways of conducting business affairs.

BK is the third bank in Rwanda to adopt the MoneyGram wire transfer system. The American based organization (MoneyGram) currently operates with Fina Bank since its establishment in Rwanda in 2000- with its services accessed in regions of Karongi-Huye-Ngoma-and Musanze districts, besides Kigali.

MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer business in the world with 275,000 agent locations in 194 countries and territories.

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