Rusizi: women, youth in training on poverty reduction

As a way to end poverty cycle mainly affecting women and youth in Kamembe sector in Rusizi district, a training prepared by Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) for the youth and Women on how to make money by acquiring simple loans from financial institutions is in process.

Rusizi: women, youth in training on poverty reduction

Workshop attendees closely following the program

This training in Kamembe sector brought together people from MIGEPROF and women and youth representatives in all sectors as well as directors of small scale financial institutions.

Some of the teachings the youth and women were given to get rid of the poverty cycle include forming cooperatives for them to access financial services like loans easily.

Those who are ready to work with financial institutions to fight poverty were promised 60% collateral guarantee by MIGEPROF and BDF and those who pay back their loans well will get a 15% reduction of the whole loan.

Gozague Joseph Ngendahimana the monitoring and evaluation technical assistant in MIGEPROF said that financial institutions have a responsibility to entice women and the youth to seek their services.

Asking for loans is the only easiest way towards development especially now that women and youth were given chances to easily access those services. Ngendahimana asked SACCO institutions to support women and youth get to development by providing loans to them and explaining the benefits of loans since they are the small scale financial institutions people feel most at ease with and which are near them.

Richard Ntawuruhunga as well as Veneranda Uzamukunda who attended this training says that it was their luck to be part of such important training. They both say they would like to work with financial institutions if only they can make it easy for them to access such services like credits which are not so easy.


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