Gakenke: Bank accounts, Youths’ capital

Youth are being appealed to seek financial services in the small scale financial institutions through opening the bank accounts where they will get capital to invest in the projects and develop.

Gakenke: Bank accounts, Youths’ capital

Youth in the training

This was said by the mayor of Gakenke district on Wednesday the 24th.May.2013 during the closure of 5 days training for the youth. About 150 youth in Gakenke district were trained on job creation, preparing and managing projects.

“The capital for the youth is in their minds and your idea, for a man survives out of his ideas. You will not get capital unless you start working with financial institutions like SACCO and banks.”

The government of Rwanda created a fund to give collateral security to the youth and women in financial institutions at 75%. This was for them to be able to work and develop themselves without lacking capital.

Josue Ntawuburumunyura who attended this training says he has been pineapple trade but never realized if he made profits or lost but with this training, he is going to do profession trading.

Ntawuburumunyura says; “I am going to hold an accounts book, I will keep record of my expenditures and income and my profits. I am going to seek financial services form banks and get more capital because now I am confident not like before when I was afraid of getting credits.”

This training was prepared by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and every year such training is done to improve the knowledge of the youth in making and managing profitable projects and job creation.


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