Gakenke: Unguka Bank commended as best in customer care, service delivery

Customer care and service delivery has been quite a problem in Rwanda for quite some time but through training especially private entrepreneurs and all involved companies, a very big step has been taken in having the best service delivery in the country.

This can be confirmed through financial institutions that have continuously made their services and customer care better.


Felecien Nkurikiyumukiza the client of Unguka Bank who resides in Nganzo sector in Gakenke sector says Unguka Bank gives its clients best services as much as it can offer compared to other banks operating in Gakenke.

“Considering the banks I have been to operating in Gakenke district, Unguka Bank has better reception services, the communication of their workers, service delivery and among others. And even the loan service is quick and easy to get” Nkurikiyumukiza says.

Nkurikiyumukiza is one of the first clients of Unguka Bank when it started operating in Gakenke district. He says he was given a loan to buy a motorcycle and now he is done with repaying it.

Moving out of the bank with his bank notebook in his hand, Boniface Ndaberetse says that in the shortest time he has been working with Unguka Bank, he is grateful for their better services.

Ndaberetse says he plans to get a credit to improve and expand his poultry farming and he is anticipating if still he will get good services even in loan services as the bank claims.

Antoine Rukara the accountant of Unguka Bank the Gakenke branch says they give the credits in the shortest time if the customers has all the required.

Unguka Bank has provided credits and loans services to about 400 customers in the last 2 years it has been operating in Gakenke district.

Unguka Bank started with 2 branches in the country but now it has more than 20 branches all over Rwanda. This quick development is due to good customer care and better service delivery.

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