Huye: Sacco members urged to work hard and earn a living

Sacco members urged to work hard and earn a livingMembers of TUHUSA Sacco (Tujyane Huye Sacco) in Huye sector of Huye district have been called on to work hard and pass it on their children.

The call was made during the event to officially open the new Sacco building on May 15th 2013 in Huye sector.

Sipiriyani Mutwarasibo, vice-mayor for economic affairs in Huye district encouraged Sacco members to work hard and be wealthy and instill it into their children than preaching hatred.

“Work hard and avoid holding grudges. How to get money should be the biggest question in your minds,” he laments.

During the event, vice mayor told residents that drinking alcohol is another drug that retards development. This is because one cannot get enough money to save and drinking at the same.

“Apart from wasting the money you would have saved, alcohol destroys your health in addition to reducing your energy for working,” laments the vice-mayor. 

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