Kanimba calls for strengthening of SACCOs

The Minister of Trade and Industry, François Kanimba, launched ten Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCOs) in the rural sectors of Eastern Province’s Kirehe District.

Speaking at the event, Kanimba said that it is the right time to strengthen the people-based cooperative banks, which are locally known as Umurenge SACCO.

He noted that cooperative banks in Kirehe had made history by winning the hearts of people with their good services, profits, and huge deposits.

“I must say that I am happy; the programs of the ministry have been properly implemented as shown here in Kirehe. I commend the work done by the people of this District. The banks were built by cooperative members who never sought help like elsewhere.” said the Minister.

During the same visit Minister Kanimba discussed with Kirehe residents about the implementation status of “HANGA UMURIMO” program initiated by the Government to foster the growth of an entrepreneurial culture among Rwandans.

The Mayor of Kirehe District, Protais Murayire, noted that the development in the area is fully owned by the people.

“Kirehe Residents understood what the Government advised them to do. This is why we witness tremendous progress in all areas. Even though we have some challenges like debt recovery in a few banks, but this will be streamlined soon,” he said.

Umurenge SACCO is a financial cooperative which operates in the country’s financial system to reach out to the most unbanked of the population at the grassroots level.

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