Nyamagabe: District opens New Sacco building worth Rwf 14m

01“Indashyikirwa Mushubi Sacco”, found in Mushubi sector,Nyamgabe district promised to improve on service delivery to its clients which has not been the case before, since it has been working in a two rooms building offered by the sector.

This was said by the Presidents to the governing board of this Sacco Jean Baptiste Urimumahoro on the 14th/06/2013, while entering a new building worth Rwf 14,667,866million.

“Working in such a small place, attending to over 1500 people has been a problem to us but with this new spacious building we believe this is going to improve”, said Urimumahoro.

Mushubi Sacco is one Sacco in the district that helps people save money and also be able to get loans at any time.

“We will continue encouraging residents to join this Sacco which will help many be able to get loans and therefore be able to start up projects that will help them develop”, added on the president.

The Sacco members were very grateful for the new building mainly constructed by them, which will help solve many problems within it

“Ever since we joined this Sacco, we have been able to get loans which have helped us develop, said many of them.

“With the small loan I got which was Rwf 198.000,I was able to buy 2 sheep,3 pigs, and 80kgs of cassava. With this I was able to process the cassava and got about 500kgs which I sold and remained with some for my family. I now have 15 more pigs”, explained Charles Ndakaza a member of the Sacco.

The chairman of the district council Diogene Zinarizima advised the district residents to join the sector Sacco, be able to save and also get loans which will help them develop easily.

This Sacco has about 1766 members who have saved about Rwf66million.It has given out loans to members of about Rwf 42million who include 31% women, and 60% men.

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