Rubavu: Bugeshi sector inaugurates SACCO building

Bugeshi sector in Rubavu district on this Wednesday the 19th.June.2013 officially inaugurated the ‘Turahumurijwe’ Savings and Credit Cooperative for the sector’s SACCO that its construction is worth Rwf115 million.


‘Turahumurijwe’ SACCO in Bugeshi sector

 This money to construct the building where the Sectors SACCO will be operating was got from this financial institution with the support of its 2377 members since 2009.

Bugeshi sector as well as its neighboiouring sectors in Rubavu district has no other financial institution operating there. There is also long distance to get to town to get financial services, people therefore welcomed the sector’s SACCO when it started its operations in 2009 and together with its members, and they have achieved a lot.

Thomas Ntacyarutimana the director of ‘Turahumurijwe’ SACCO calls upon all the people in the sector top keep supporting development ventures of this cooperative till it becomes secure as a bank to develop them with its financial services.

Bugeshi sector is very developed in Irish Potatoes and vegetable farming and people who are mainly farmers have security to their money through savings services in this SACCO. The credit services have also helped many people at that and farming has been developed because of these services.

Sheikh Bahame the mayor of Rubavu district is appreciated the residents of Bugeshi sector for their participation in development ventures and for having participated fully in the construction of the SACCO building.

Bugeshi sector is the first of many different sectors that has completed its SACCO building. This SACCO has gained clients from other sectors like Mudende, Busasamana as well as Kabatwa sector from Nyabihu district even from Bugumba in DRC.

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