Gisagara: Residents commend role of Sector Sacco to development

Residents of Kibirizi sector, Gisagara district said that they have developed the culture of saving with Sacco and this is helping them develop.


“Ever since Sector Sacco came to this place 2yrs back our ways of living have changed because of our involvement with them” ,said the sector residents.

Mariya Mukamana a widow 47yrs said that she can now support her family and she has been able to build a house for herself all because of the loan she got from the Sacco after saving with it.

“At first taking care of my family was not easy for me ,my children lacked different  school materials , getting treatment for them was hard, but now because I save with Sacco am able to get all that”, said Mukamana.

Pascal Birikunzira a member of Terimbere Sacco also said that he is now used to saving with Sacco and plans on getting a loan which will help him start a banana project hence be able to develop more.

However, it was noted that women participation in such Sacco is still low hence a call to them to join the different Sacco by Goreti Umbereyimfura the representative of Kibirizi sector Sacco.

“Less than 25% of women get loans which show that women are still scared of joining Sacco but we call on them to overcome such fear, join Sacco, save and be able to get loans which will help them develop”, said Umbereyimfura.

The Sacco leadership therefore said that they will continue encouraging people to join Saco which will help many people in the area develop.




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