Man arrested for currency counterfeiting

Man arrested for currency counterfeiting

Gasabo district

Bamuteze Levis, 36, resident of Kimironko sector in Gasabo District was arrested on Saturday after he was found with fake money amounting to Rwf66, 000 , all in 2, 000 denominations.

He is currently being held at Remera Police Station.

It all started when Bamuteze paid a phone technician after repairing his handset, but the latter realized that the notes are fake.

According to police, investigations are still going on to see if there are other people working with Bamuteze in this illegal act.

The Gasabo District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Tom Murangira, has warned the public against involving themselves in such counterfeit activities and said that it won’t take long before they are apprehended because people now know real money and what’s fake.

He appealed to the business community and the entire public to always verify currency notes thoroughly before any transaction, to avoid falling victim of such people.

“I am urging the public to beware and report immediately any suspected incidents related to counterfeit or even any other crimes such that these criminals can be arrested,” he added.

Counterfeit is treacherous to the economy and also affects family and personal income, he observed.

Article 604 of the Rwandan penal code states that using or circulating, by any means, items misrepresented as money or negotiable instruments shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of two to ten times the value of the counterfeit money.

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