Gakenke: Local authorities to educate residents on saving

Local authorities to educate residents on saving

Aime Bosenibamwe, Northern Province Governor

The Governor of Northern Province Aime Bosenibamwe has urged local authorities to sensitize residents on bank account savings as a way of promoting development.

The governor said this on February 19th 2014 during the district meeting that gathered leaders of villages, cells, sectors and district administration in Gakenke district.

During the meeting Bosenibamwe asked local authorities to work hard in changing the residents’ negative attitude on saving so that every resident has a bank account by June 2014.

He said: “Every resident should at least have opened an account with Sacco or Microfinances by the end of June 2014.Those who cannot afford to use the banks should put more effort in associations and develop them until they become members of SACCO.”

Governor Bosenibamwe asserted that working with financial institutions is vital to residents because they access loans to set up income generating projects easily.

During the meeting, villagers leaders were reminded to keep security through night patrolling and having the record of people that enter and exit the village.

Also present in the meeting, General Emmanuel Ruvusha highlighted that Rwanda’s growth as a country is the result of the citizens’ cooperation. He asked the leaders to be cooperative and confident, a tool that will promote development.

One of the participants Primitive Twizeyimana, leader of Mucaca cell in Nemba sector  testified that what they learnt in the meeting will enable them tighten security in villages and cells.  

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