Gisagara: VUP workers vow to take on saving


Direct support beneficiaries and residents employed in VUP program in Gisagara district have been called on to adopt saving culture that would help fighting poverty.

In this programme, poor and elderly residents are given direct support, others given loans to set up income generating projects while others are employed in VUP activities.

François Hakizimana, coordinator of VUP in Kigembe sector in Gisagara district said last week that saving is not much embraced but all efforts are being put in sensitizing residents to save.

Apart from beneficiaries of direct support, residents employed in VUP program find it hard to embrace saving culture because they think saving is for people that earn a lot of money.

Gaspard Hakizimana, a resident of Save sector in Gisagara district reveals that he has been working for long in the VUP program activities but has not been able to save. “I can’t afford saving. Even what I earn is not enough; saving is for those who have extra.”

According to Saïdi Sibomana; Assistant Director of Rwanda Local Development Support Fund (RLDSF) highlights that capable residents do not embrace saving culture because they spend it all.

“Some residents do not save yet they are able. When such people land in problems, they become poor again. We sensitize residents to open bank accounts and save on the salaries,” explains Sibomana.

In order for residents to fight poverty, Saïdi Sibomana said that leaders must change their mindset because they have to lead by example.

Up to 558 homes in are poor but it’s expected that 20 percent of them must have jumped poverty line in 2014.

2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP) is an Integrated Local Development Program to Accelerate Poverty Eradication, Rural Growth, and Social Protection. This is an initiative by the Government of Rwanda (GoR) in collaboration with development partners and NGOs.

It is led by the Ministry of Local Government, Good Governance, Community Development and Social Affairs (MINALOC) and supported by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN).


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