Kirehe: Saving associations commended for sustainable development

Kirehe: Saving associations commended for sustainable development

Members of Banguka, an association for lending and saving in Nyabikokora cell, Kirehe sector of Kirehe district commended the association for enabling them connect electricity to their homes in addition to acquiring property.

Residents revealed this while the district prepares to launch ‘special savings week’ scheduled to take place between on October 25-31.

A special savings week is under the theme “Save today and secure your future” aims at reminding and educating citizens about the importance of saving.

Association members said they have purchased land, livestock, pay school fees for children and take good care of their families.

Kirehe: Saving associations commended for sustainable development

Members revealed that forming credit and saving associations was initiated by Care International, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with the purpose of helping residents especially women to fight poverty.

Cassien Rusanganwa, chairman of Banguka Association explains that every member contributes Rwf1500 every week and at the end of the year, they share the money amongst themselves.

“We lend money to the interested members on 10 per cent interest rate per year. At the end of the year, every member goes home with over Rwf140.000,” he added.

Another member Nyirabambajimana confirmed that apart from electricity in his home, the association has enabled him to purchase land for cultivation.

“I have electricity now in addition to buying a piece of land where I cultivate and harvest enough food for consumption,” he said.

Anonsiyata Mutuyemariya, a member said “Because of the association, I bought a cow; and pays school fees for my child and I can easily provide for the family’s basic needs.”

Médiatrice Nyirahabimana, the in- charge of Associations in Nyabikokora revealed that residents were sensitized on forming saving associations by Care International.

“When we started, most of us did not know the positive impact saving would have on our lives. However, we have achieved fast development and call upon others to join associations for sustainable development,” she said.

One of the conditions of forming associations is that women must make 70 per cent of the members to promote reliance and break the habit of women relying on men for every need.

Banguka association is made of 30 members and 25 of them are women.

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