Gakenke; Residents embrace saving culture


Residents of Gakenke sector in Gakenke district have embraced the saving culture, responding to a call by the local authorities; banks and small financial institutions operating in the area.

This comes following the increase in the number of SACCOs and banks that operate in Gakenke district.

Commenting on the importance of saving, Devota Mukamusoni, a resident of Rusagara cell reveals that saving has improved the social and economic standards of some residents.

“I used to save my money in the house where it could be easily stolen. Today, I have an account in Umurenge SACCO which allows me to access financial services, I have achieved a lot ever since I embraced the discipline of saving,” explains Juvenali Rumaziminsi.

Although residents of Gakenke district have understood the benefits of savings and the majority participate in it but some sectors are more involved than others.

Talking to, Odette Uwitonze, the vice mayor for finance and economic development stressed the possibility of saving when one is willing

“Sensitization is being made so that all residents understand the social and economic benefits of saving,” Uwitonze said.

She also revealed that 73 percent of Gakenke population use financial institutions and and the district aims to have at least 80 percent of the population by 2018.

The government of Rwanda is sensitizing residents to adopt the culture of saving and pave the way towards self-reliance.

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