Nyabihu: Rural banks urged to priorities loans to farmers

Angela Mukaminani, the vice mayor for finance and economic development of Nyabihu district has called on rural banks to give priority to farmers in their loan allocations to assist small farmers acquire loans to invest in agriculture.


She made the appeal on Feb, 17, in a meeting with farmers and financial institutions that operate in the district.

She required banks and related financial institutions to grant more loans to agriculture-related sectors, saying the current credit supply for the countryside remains insufficient and that it is hard for farmers to access bank loans.

She indicated that majority of farmers were located in the rural areas where rural banks operated, and as such there was the need to support agriculture which is means of employment of the people in rural areas.

He also advised farmers not to keep their money in their houses to save them with bank for safety and earn profits on them.

So far the financial institutions operating in Nyabihu district include Bank of Kigali, KCB, Umutanguha, Unguka Bank, Bank Populaire and SACCO.

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