Rwanda targeting 80 per cent financial inclusion

In order to achieve the country’s economic transformation and poverty reduction, Rwanda has set its goal on increasing financial inclusion to 80 percent by 2017, through deepening and broadening the financial literacy of Rwandans. This will be attained through the second Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP II), a five year program that seeks to develop a stable, sound and efficient financial sector. The program will... Read More

Kamonyi: women don’t keep their money in Banks

Women of Nyarubaka village in Kamonyi district say that due to the little money they collect in their small cooperatives, they cannot keep it in banks. They women collect money amongst themselves every month and lend it to help them solve some of the problems they meet in their everyday life because they are not yet able to work with the Banks. Jeanne Nyiraturakunkiko, the leader of a group that comprises of 35women, says that... Read More